Why are your prices so competitive? Is there a catch?

Nope, there is not a catch. We use a leaner business model and great connections with the bicycle industry to transfer the price benefit to our clients. To be more specific; these are the 2 main reasons that allows our highly competitive prices:

  • We belong to a very large bicycle group with remarkable expertise in the market. The connection with this big player in the industry helps us get highly competitive manufacturing costs.
  • We cut out the cost of the middlemen and local bike stores by selling online (directly to you)

How long does it take to build and ship a fully customized bike?

We only take 1 to 2 business day(s) to put together the bicycle and have it ready to ship. All bicycles are shipped from our main warehouse in San Diego, CA

*Assembling & Packaging times could be extended 2 – 3 extra days during holiday season, high-peak commercial days (E.g. Black Friday, Christmas, etc) or Projekt Special Sales.

How long does it take to receive a fully customized bike after is built?

It all depends where you are located. To make it easy, we estimated the shipping transit time according to the time zone of the city where you live in.

Transit Times:

1 day for Pacific Time Zone Cities, 2 days for Mountain Time Zone Cities, 3 days for Central Time Zone Cities and 4 days for Eastern Time Zone Cities. 

*Transit times could be extended during severe weather conditions, natural disasters or high-peak seasons.

How are the bicycles shipped?

We ship our bikes in a specially designed double-wall corrugated box. We use protective corrugated cardboard and bubble-wrap around all parts of the bike. We ask our clients to please be patient while removing all protective material, because in order to ensure that the bike arrives in perfect condition we need to over-protect certain parts. Everyone of our boxes includes 6 red “Fragile – This Side Up” stickers around the outside of the box to remind our friends at FedEx to handle it with care.

Where are the bicycles assembled and shipped from?

All bicycles are assembled and shipped from our main warehouse in San Diego, CA and Yes! Our office is very close to the beach, that’s one of the reasons why we are always in a good mood.

What payment methods can I use? are they safe?

You can choose from one of our two payment methods. Either PayPal or our own Credit Card processing Technology (VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover). Both payment methods comply with the highest customer information protection. PayPal owns the latest anti-fraud technology. Our own Credit Card Processing System protects our customers through an SSL Certificate, which guarantees personal data privacy, fraud protection, 24/7 monitor and advanced encryption protocols. 

How is the shipping cost calculated?

Don’t worry about it. We only charge $15 as a flat fee for packaging and shipping your brand-new bike to any of the contiguous United States (48 adjoining U.S. states plus Washington, D.C.) We do ship to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico but unfortunately due to the distance, we need to calculate additional shipping. 

How do I assemble the bike, once it arrives?

The bikes get shipped 95% assembled. The videos in this link http://projektbikes.com/support/instructional-videos/ show the steps to finalize the assembly process of your new bike. Finalizing the assembly process is the best way to get to know your new bike, how it works, how to maintain it and what to do in case something unexpected were to happen.  A first-timer can easily finish a bike in less than 20 minutes.

What is the return policy?

We honor a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Our customers have 10 days, starting from arriving date, to apply for a return or exchange. To apply just send us an email to: CustomerService@projektbikes.com and provide order number, return reason or exchange description. You will receive a return/exchange authorization number and instructions within 48 hours.

Bicycles purchased at full price include a return-shipping label. To return a reduced-price bicycle, the cost of shipping the bike back to us is at the customer’s expense. 

What if the bicycle or parts arrive damaged?

To file a damaged product claim, just send an email to CustomerService@projektbikes.com including digital pictures of the damaged part(s), pictures of the shipping box as well as a written explanation. All claims are handled via email as we must have graphic information to evaluate the most efficient way to handle it. We respond to all damaged-product-claim emails within 48 hours.

When evaluating damaged claims, our team is extremely focused on the proper functionality and the aesthetics of the bicycle. We will make sure that your bike performs properly and that you have a beautiful, impeccable bicycle. Extremely minor imperfections such as a tiny scratch, or a tiny dent can occur during shipping. We consider this as “allowable” damage and could be denied on depending on the extent of the damage. 



What is the recommended height for someone to ride your bikes?

We carefully designed our bikes offering a very wide adjustment range of the seat and handlebar to properly fit anyone from 5’ to 6’4”. Please refer to the “Frame Size” tab included in all of our bikes’ page to find more information regarding size and recommended user’s height

Does the fixie bike include breaks?

Yes, it includes front and rear breaks

Can the fixie be ridden as a fixed gear and as a free-wheel?

Yes! All of our fixie bikes include a Flip-Flop Hub, which allows you to ride it as a regular single-speed with a free-wheel or as a real fixed gear bike. For the convenience of our customers, we ship all of our fixie bikes on the free-wheel setting but you can always change the setting by only flipping the wheel around.

Do you only offer 1-speed for the Beach Cruiser?

Yes. We’re dedicated to the 1-speed easy living lifestyle for Beach Cruisers.

How many speeds are on the Urban / City Bike?

8 Speeds

What are the sizes of the frames and which one would fit me the best?

We offer different bicycle models (Beach Cruisers, Fixie Bikes and City Bikes) which come in different sizes. Please refer to the “Frame Size” tab included in all of our bikes’ pages on our site to find out the size and the recommended user’s height.

Is it true that all of your beach cruisers include a built-in bottle opener on the frame?

Yes, there is a very discrete bottle opener built-in on the non drive side chain-stay.

Instructional Videos

Beach Cruiser Assembly Instructional Video

Fixie Bike Assembly Instructional Video

Urban Bike Assembly Instructional Video

Front Fender Installation Instructions -Urban Bike-

Engage, disengage & adjust brakes Instructions -Urban Bike-

Return & Exchange Policy

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

In order to provide the opportunity for our customers to virtually custom design their own bicycle we need to have a hell of a logistics plan. We put in a huge amount of effort to custom assemble the bicycles for our clients. Every single Projekt Custom Bike™ is assembled in our warehouse in San Diego, California. We work with the highest possible quality materials in order to ensure a functional and good-looking product. We are positive that you will love your new ride.

If for some reason we did something wrong and you want to apply for a return or exchange:

Our customers have 10 days, starting from arriving date, to apply for a return or exchange. To apply for a return or exchange please just email: CustomerService@projektbikes.com and provide us with your order number, return reason or exchange description. We will email back our customer within 48 hours to provide their return/exchange authorization number and instructions.

Bicycles purchased at full price include a return-shipping label. To return a reduced-price bicycle, the cost of shipping the bike back to us is at the customer’s expense. 

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We’ve Got You Covered

Projekt Custom Bikes™ offers a Limited Lifetime Frame Warranty.

Frames are guaranteed against defects in material and/or workmanship for as long as the original purchaser owns the bicycle.

Components are warranted for one year excluding tires, inner tubes, cables and chains.
The warranty is extended only to the initial purchaser. To process a warranty, we require proof of purchase (Projekt Bikes Warranty Card) included in all our products. Shipping and labor are not included.

Normal wear, abuse, inadequate assembly, accident, negligence, inadequate use of other components and/or improper maintenance is not covered. The limited warranty does not cover paint damage, rust, fade or any modification made to the bicycle.

It is considered abuse the bending of frames, forks, handlebars, seat-post, chain- guards and rims. Projekt Custom Bikes’ intended use is not stunt riding, dirt jump riding, ramp jumping, acrobatics, downhill racing, trick riding or any other non-standard use for these categories of bicycles.


Your bicycle was designed for general transportation and recreational use. It was not designed to withstand abuse associated to extreme activities like jumping.

This warranty ceases when you rent, sell, or give away your bicycle as well as when you ride with more than one person. The warranty does not cover ordinary wear and tear or anything you break by accident or deliberately. The warranty does not cover improper assembly or maintenance, or wrongful installation of parts/accessories.

It is your responsibility to make sure that all parts included in the original packaging are properly installed and make basic maintenance services to keep your bicycle in good operating conditions.

Warranty process

The warranty is extended only to the initial purchaser. To process a warranty, we require the Projekt Bikes™ Warranty Card, which you can find on the first page of your Owner’s Manual included in all our bicycles. Shipping and labor are not included. Please send an email to CustomerService@projektbikes.com so we can start your warranty process.

The above warranty only applies to bicycles sold by Projekt Custom Bikes™ – www.projektbikes.com

Thank you!

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1. Information

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2. Trademark rights

The Projekt Custom Bikes name and logo as well as the names of certain products are registered trademarks of Projekt Action Sports Group, LLC. All rights reserved. Other trademarks may also be mentioned. These are used by Projekt Custom Bikes either with the permission of their owner or simply to identify products offered by Projekt Custom Bikes. Reproducing, imitating, using or affixing these trademarks, without having obtained prior authorization from Projekt Custom Bikes, constitutes an offence of counterfeiting.

3. Personal data

In certain circumstances Projekt Custom Bikes may obtain information enabling a user to be personally identified, particularly in the case of a sale, registration for a service, promotional activity or other activity involving interaction between the user and Projekt Custom Bikes. In such cases the information collected about the user is needed to respond to any request for information and to advise the user as to the status of his orders. Projekt Custom Bikes is concerned to protect the rights of users and their personal data, and undertakes to inform users and seek their consent.

4. Non-personal data

Projekt Custom Bikes may collect and use information obtained automatically, but in no case will such information be capable of being linked to a particular person. This information concerns the type of Web browser the user uses, the operating system of his computer and the name of the domain from which he has accessed the Projekt Custom Bikes site. When the user leaves the Projekt Custom Bikes sites, data relating to his IP address, sites visited, language selected, date, time and duration of visit will be used for statistical purposes only, to optimize the Projekt Custom Bikes sites in the light of user expectations. External organizations are involved in the design and development of the Projekt Custom Bikes sites. Such organizations may be given access to Projekt Custom Bikes’ data, with the sole purpose of carrying out such work.

5. Use of personal data

Access to some of the services offered on the Projekt Custom Bikes sites requires the collection of certain personal data. Purposes for the data:

  • Supplying products and/or services
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  • Communicating with you in relation to our products and services, or in order to conduct satisfaction studies, focus groups or other commercial or marketing activity.

Projekt Custom Bikes agrees not to sell, transfer, rent or divulge users’ personal data, subject to the following exceptions:

    • Companies affiliated with Projekt Custom Bikes, and other authorized third parties such as approved retailers or service providers who are given authority to process such data, for the purposes set out above only. It is agreed and understood that in the event of such data being communicated to third parties, those third parties will undertake to observe the rules indicated by Projekt Bikes and to put in place the necessary measures for protecting the data.
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The user may unsubscribe at any time. In order to do so, the user must click the unsubscribe link appearing at the end of each Projekt Custom Bikes newsletter, or send an unsubscribe request to contact@projektbikes.com, stating his full name and email address.

9. Charter on the privacy of minors

Projekt Custom Bikes agrees not to collect information about or enter into transactions with minors less than 13 years of age. Nonetheless, as it is impossible to determine the user’s age accurately, it may happen that Projekt Custom Bikes collects information relating to users of less than 13 years of age. Projekt Custom Bikes strongly encourages parents and guardians to stay with their children while they use the Internet, in order to take part in the activities offered by the sites. Projekt Custom Bikes must ask that no minor (the age of majority being determined according to the user’s country of residence) enters into a transaction or any other legal relationship except with the consent of the parents or guardians, save where this is permitted under local law. Projekt Custom Bikes agrees not to pass on any information about minors without the consent of their parents or guardians. Such information may not be used for marketing or promotional purposes unless this has been explicitly stated during registration for a game or promotional offer.

10. Warning notice

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11. Updating the General Conditions

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