Custom Fixie Bike

This sporty looking Fixed Gear Bike features a flip-flop hub, front/rear pull breaks and a minimalist design frame. The Custom Fixie Bike Builder offers 14+ customizable options, which will give you enough options to come up with a truly unique Fixie Bike.

A Single Speed Bike such as the Projekt Custom Fixie easily adapts to the city’s chaos, allowing you to beat the obstacles that urban areas present. Our mission at Projekt Custom Bikes is to represent a new bicycle trend based on product customization. Our motto is to encourage creativity and legitimacy on every fixie bike out in the market. Be the boss and build your own fixed gear bike.

Sporty Wheels

The Custom Fixie Bike offers two wheel options.
The high-profile wheels not only add a great look to the bike but increase aerodynamic performance. It is all about being smooth through the air. A wheel with spokes that is turning around will constantly cut the wind with its spokes, causing turbulence. High-profile wheels have shorter spokes, hence smoother rides.
The MAG 5-Spoke wheels are an upgrade that you can choose once you are customizing your Fixie Bike. These wheels will make your new Fixed Gear Bike stand out.

Straight Line Design Frame

The straight geometry of the frame not only makes this Fixie Bike look spectacular but it adds great sport performance to it. Every angle of its architecture has been carefully designed to deliver a fast and versatile Fixed Gear Bike.

Flip-Flop Hub

A Flip-Flop Hub also called double-sided hub allows you to change between a fixed cog and freewheeling setting. By removing the rear wheel and flipping it around, you can switch between the two options. All Projekt Custom Fixie Bikes are equipped with Flip-Flop Hubs.

Ultimate Customization

We just took bicycle personalization a step further! Add any text to your new Fixie. Keep it simple adding your name or last name or get creative adding a phrase, nickname or whatever comes to you mind. We offer 6 color options on premium automotive vinyl ideal for long-term applications.