Custom City Bike

The Projekt Custom City Bike. A European Style Bicycle that features a Shimano 8-speed group on a light weight full aluminum body. The frame has a proprietary design focused on delivering exceptional comfort and performance. This is an excellent choice for when transportation and light touring is your priority.

Our mission at Projekt Custom Bikes is to represent a new bicycle trend based on product customization. Our motto is to encourage creativity and legitimacy on every city bike out in the market.

Exclusive Design Frame

The geometry of the City Bike frame features a proprietary architecture, which was meticulously designed to obtain an ideal blend between performance and comfort.

Shimano Group

The City Bike is equipped with a Shimano (Deore) 8-Speed Group, which is all you will need when riding long or hilly. Having just one derailleur (rear) makes this bike very low-maintenance.