Custom Beach Cruiser

The Projekt Custom Beach Cruiser is a highly comfortable bicycle.  Every angle of its architecture was designed to relax its riding position. Its ergonomic line delivers outstanding riding pleasure. This Beach Cruiser will let you glide in such relaxed position that you will forget you are riding a bike.

Our mission at Projekt Custom Bikes is to represent a new bicycle trend based on product customization. Our motto is to encourage creativity and legitimacy on every beach cruiser out in the market. Be the boss and build your own beach cruiser bike.

Rust-Shield Treatment

The Projekt Custom Beach Cruiser Frame is treated with a proprietary blend of synthetic polymers and reactive silane (silicon), which provides a slick, mirror like shine on the paint but more important protects your Beach Cruiser against rust and fading from UV exposure.

One-Size Fits All

The geometry of the Custom Beach Cruiser Frames for both women and men has been carefully designed to accommodate a wide range of heights (5’ to 6’2”).

Built-in Bottle Opener

A Beach Cruiser is usually part of fun outings. Our engineering team figured out a very unique and elegant way to include a bottle opener built-in on all of our beach cruiser bikes.

Ultimate Customization

We just took bicycle personalization a step further! Add any text to your new Beach Cruiser. Keep it simple adding your name or last name or get creative adding a phrase, nickname or whatever comes to mind. We offer 6 color options on premium automotive vinyl ideal for long-term applications.